Dstv error e48-32 , no signal due to bad weather, how to solve this kind of dstv problem, find our forums here, multichoice


Dstv e48-32 error code is mostly shown due to bad weather or faulty installation. very known and common dstv fault. this is the most biggest and widely reported error on dstv. this simply shows that the decoder has no satellite feed or signal from the dish. At most time its caused by heavy storms or winds .e48-32 error
Why does the error show even when the weather is just fine and there is no rain.
More no signal on communal dish installations, is the whole system down
In this post we shall try to discuss what the error e48 32 is on your dstv screen, We shall help to reply you questions and also welcome your answers in this post.


Blown out equipment, Dish mis-alignment, Faulty decoder /hardware, Wrong cabling, Small signal levels, Stormy Weather , Solar outages , Rain Fade , explora wrong frequency settings. fault in communal dish system, communal dish settings error, incompatible hardware.

An illustration to show why there is no signal on the dstv during rain.

fix dstv e48-32 no signal illustration

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Re check cabling coming from dish to the decoder.   

      – Check / try restarting your decoder Re align satellite dish, to gain more signal levels, cause might be you are receiving low signal

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This dstv error post and forum is here to give a guide line on how to solve the error, please not that its a technical error and at most time will be intermittent or will never go away, we recommend calling us for installers in the Johannesburg and sanston areas

Dstv communal dish no signal or communal dish failures

How to go about a dstv error on my installation when i leave in a complex, Frequencies and the type of installations discussed here in. We welcome your views and questions.

Satellite binding failed, Dstv communal dish complex signal is off. how to install my dstv on a communal dish.

All of this will lead to dstv communal dish system errors.  if the system shows e48-32 only in some or one apartment or unit then the unit has faults on it own, if the whole complex or hotel shuts down , then this calls for emergency. the system is down. this is cause . call us immediately to reinstate the dstv communal services.

Communal dish Failure:

  • Communal dish could be out of position and needs to be re aligned
  • dstv communal system could have packed up
  • dstv fiber lines could have been broken
  • dstv devices in the communal installation could be having issues
  • Wrong IF frequency settings
  • Low or no signal at the user end of line (inside the unit)
  • Wrong installation by the user inside the unit.
  • Communal dstv settings and binding in the apartment
  • faults in the decoder or users devices “Dstv explora switch or decoder”
  • power shortage or failures
  • Lightening and fire

A wrong dstv communal dish installation.

property developers at times use the wrong installation companies or wrong installation ideas.  some systems used will in future not support multiple users and high bands . also some installations used are not capable to support the dstv explora or dstv extra and triple view in the users apartment.
At this point users will resort to making there own installations thus bringing the communal dish system to a stand still ” no signal state”. picture below show a typical wrong installation.

Wrong installers are the most and worst that can happen to a communal dish installation. initially the original designers had there own concepts in installation and any changes to the system in most cases need to be done by the right full or a well accredited communal installation company.

Where to find dstv communal dish installers and service providers

Find a dstv accredited company to install communal dstv and repair your communal dstv services immediately if the whole dstv shuts down at all the units we recommend the use of lubsat technologies  picture perfect , Multichoice. Call us for more referrals