Error e48-32 , What is this fault and is there any way this can be fixed, Error shows there is no signal this may be due to bad weather or a faulty in the connection,

Error can be caused by so many circumstances and situations, learn more from our home page, we shall be introducing new videos on how to support our dstv customers.

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DSTVĀ  ERROR E48-32 MOSTLY CAUSED BY BAD OR NO SIGNAL Dstv e48-32 error code is mostly shown due to bad weather or faulty installation. very known and common dstv fault. this isRead More...
By : Support Team | Jun 10, 2019

Dstv error e143-4

DSTV ERROR E143-4 NO COMMUNICATION FROM PRIMARY DECODER No communication from primary decoder. Do you have any posts and comments you want to share with us on this kind of dstv error.Read More...
By : Support Team | Jul 5, 2018

e48-32 on communal dish installations

Dstv communal dish no signal or communal dish failures How to go about a dstv error on my installation when i leave in a complex, Frequencies and the type of installations discussedRead More...
By : Support Team | Jul 3, 2018


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  1. E48-32 showing on my tv, please solve it out, my tv has been stuck on this for a week now, i pay so much for my tv, but this is what i get . not acceptable

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